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Intro to transformation medicine

A 3-Day Transformation Medicine event

wellnessland health institute, cebu

august 30 - Sept 1, 2019

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wholeness systems healing

A 3-Day Transformation Medicine event

wellnessland health institute, cebu

august 30 - Sept 1, 2019

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Maia earth village, palawan

may 25-30, 2019



Learn more about TM, our history, dreams and visions, and ways we connect with the world through an inquiry process that guides our protocol and procedures.



Through a Wholeness Systems Healing approach to medicine and care, we are designing unique and integrative programs to support our growing community.



Ready to go deeper? We’ve created a learning and research portal to act as a Living Library that can help you find information and tools that support “the quest in your quest-ions”.


retreats and programs

Together with our partners and global collaborators, we continue to find new ways of offering our community opportunities to connect and journey in shared contexts with one another.


Some of the Earth’s greatest doctors are those who never stepped foot in a hospital. Some of the World’s greatest healers are those who never had to heal anything. Some of the Planet’s greatest medicines are those that were never prescribed or prescriptively administered. Some of the Universe’s greatest patients are those who teach us what medicine truly is.


why do some people heal and others don’t?

Wait… to significantly answer this question, it’s important for us to pause, take a few steps back, and relook at what the question is actually asking before diving straight in or jumping to conclusions. In a modern context of ‘what it means to heal’ we might intuitively be inclined to first answer from any one of these automated response types:

  • Personal Perspective - “Some people really want to heal and others just don’t.”

  • Scientific or Medical Advice - “When patients continue their treatments and prescribed medications as directed, they are more likely to see positive results.”

  • Familial or Cultural Imprint - “By following what my Grandmother always used to say, I was better within days.”

  • Associative Coherence - “This is what worked for me. It can work for you too.”

  • Religious or Spiritual View - “It was an act of God.”

  • Social Structure - “When engaged in a community or support group, healing is more likely to occur.”

  • Statistical Facts - “Based on geographic location and environment, conditions were suitable for recovery.”


Is it possible that ALL of these answers are correct? Is it possible that none of them are completely accurate? To choose one response over another does not necessarily mean we’ve discounted the other possibilities or that we failed to see them all. Our brains are actually designed to intuitively think fast when answering questions such as these. The mind is always searching for meaning in quick relatability with analogous content based on our own personal narratives, associations we make with those around us, imprints that come from generations before us, the social matrix of acceptable codes or statistical information surrounding us, or the current state of affairs in geographical or environmental contexts. This is how many of us unconsciously dive off the deep end or jump to conclusions before we even realize that we somehow cornered ourselves into a singularity or one-sided point of view.

How then should we answer this question? Is something lacking if we choose just one response? Perhaps the only thing that’s actually missing, from automated responses attempting to answer this question in full, is the part that includes a bigger picture perspective or a sensitivity to the Whole. Here’s where Transformation Medicine (TM) comes in.


wholeness systems healing

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TM is a Wholeness Systems approach to healing that often asks big picture questions first and makes conscious choices to think slowly about responses and the answers we choose to give.

There’s a recognition that no one perspective has all the right answers - it takes a sensitivity to (w)holistically navigating a vast network of possibilities, patterns, and relationships to understand the complex dynamics between body, mind and being. Healing is not the same for all beings, so where do we be-gin? If we could start with the bigger picture, a wider horizontal vantage, a more dynamic relationship with the Whole, a sense of being within this larger context as a container for our own life stories, we might begin to sense that which unravels the structures most inhibiting to our healing processes or keeping us locked in chronic dis-ease. Treating symptoms does not necessarily address root causes.

In TM, we minimize our focus on symptomatic treatments and modern medical diagnoses in favor of learning systems, educational awareness, experiential practice, and dialogue. We first take a step back, listen to many possible responses, look at the picture through a wider lens, and choose a pattern-based approach to working with each other. In this approach, the patient becomes the doctor, the doctor becomes the teacher, and the teacher becomes the master weaver of Life’s Connection to the Whole.

This website is designed to be both a resource and a tool for healing and transformation. Using a mandalic approach to learning, research, inquiry, feedback and integration, take your time, explore these pages slowly, see what resonates for you. In dynamic states of flow between colors, content, and connection to the information, you are invited to find answers that best support your journey, your unique process, and all that might emerge within Wholeness Systems Healing.