healing frequencies

TM associates the color Blue with sound and expressions of voice. Sound has the potential to be experienced at deeply resonant frequencies that can shift the body into cellular-level changes leading to the possibility for profound healing to occur. When love also emanates from tones in human vocals, it is not just heard with the ears. Rather, it is felt at cellular levels as it radiates throughout the body. TM works with sound in multidimensional ways to explore with healers, artists, musicians, DJ’s, voice therapists, and facilitators a variety of auditory applications in relation to brainwave states, circadian rhythms, sleep stages, the autonomic nervous system, emotional intelligence, and resonance as a vibrational frequency.

The video below is just one example, from the countless many, that captures sound as medicine. Especially in a hospital setting, calming music, softly played instruments, chanting, singing, or even gently spoken words of compassion and care can each stimulate the body’s natural response to sound and activate the internal healing mechanisms that resonate with what it hears in both its limbic and cerebral capacities to listen and absorb vibration.

Impromptu Healing Chant - Recorded in 2013

During a visit to a cancer patient. It was the wisps of so much smoke bursting out of the tumor infested area that moved me to grab the camera, click open, and hit record. "Daisy's Grace"

You can download the song here: