wholeness centers

In the fundamental frameworks of philosophy, education, research, and practice that use The Key of 7 as a foundational guide to Wholeness Systems Healing, we hold one humble intention - help create the conditions in which healing can happen.

Our Wholeness Centers Network is organically growing as we come into the early stages of development for partnering and collaboration with an expanding network of potential site locations and unique learning processes.

We are interested in collaborations with organizations, institutions, learning centers and educators, holistic practitioners, and individuals who share common dreams of transformation in all its mandalic forms.

If you would like to connect, collaborate or journey with us into wholeness system dialogues that support the evolution and growth of TM and its initiatives, please contact us using the form below.


consciousness hub

This July 2019, we launched The Consciousness Hub, a multi-functional studio in Puerto Princesa City in Palawan, Philippines. Offering participation for artists, facilitators, therapists, tech designers, music theorists, a World Studio evolves as a research center, a training space and an online resource ground to support trainings and facilitation processes taking place around the world.

Currently, the Consciousness Hub hosts a film production and editing studio, a sound laboratory, a womb room (sensory deprivation space), a music recording studio, writing workshop spaces, screening rooms, dialogue spaces and multiple experiential and therapy rooms. We are currently creating a library that simulates a wiki platform upon which our many study processes are organised by a group of tech people in Palawan as well as in South Africa, Europe and Asia.


wellnessland health institute

Located in the heart of Cebu City, the Wholeness Center is directly affiliated with Wellnessland Health Institute. In the hectic world of a dense urban environment, it can be challenging to find spaces that truly know how to support authentic rest and rejuvenation. The practitioners and staff at Wellnessland have been dedicated to actively serving the Cebuano community for more than 10 years. The space itself consciously supports sustainability, environmental protection, eco-friendly living, and plant-based lifestyles. The programs and retreats available at the Wholeness Center set a high standard for what is possible even in the most urban environments.

Joining the wholeness centers network

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