would you like to contribute to wholeness systems healing? how might transformation be experienced through you? What’s your medicine?

We’re only ever just beginning.
In constantly shifting states of being, we recognize and appreciate all who contribute to this flowing state of becoming.
Together, we seed awareness within consciousness and transformation as the medicine that becomes us.
Thank you for your support.
In humble gratitude, may we continue to co-journey into infinity
— The Transformation Medicine Team


Your donations help fund our research, projects, and community programs. With your support, we continue to connect people with the authentic inner medicines that catalyze healing and life-changing transformations.

Donations are receivable through our direct partnership with the Self Health Empowerment Movement (SHEM). Clicking the button below will link you to the SHEM donation page.


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Does your organization or center practice holistic medicine, whole systems learning, or integrative healing? Would it like to? Let’s work together to see what might happen next in a shared space of inquiry and trust.


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The medicine of transformation starts with you! Would you share your story with the world? Write to us using the contact form below and tell us more. We’ll be adding lots of testimonials and sharings to our Stories section as more people begin writing about the medicines that truly lead to Whole Systems Healing and transformation. Thank you for being!


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