The Circadian Rhythm is 

the Memory of the Earth

The sequence of sounds in the innerdance as it moves through a particular wave is called a playlist, an amorphous sonic alchemy that entrains the individual’s autonomic nervous system’s three main features – Brain, Breath and Blood – to the planet’s climate, seasonal and day-night cycles.

Evolution of the human mind emerged from an axis consisting of a time-space binary, known as the sound-image. Our infantile gestures and utterances bear witness to movements made by early humans migrating across Earth for millions of years, proto-manifestations of human language and thought systems.


Our 24-hour body clock maintains this information as electro-magnetic wave forms; which, in the human experience, tends to how life unfolds in time (history) and space (geography)


The rhythm establishes our thought patterns, emotions, addictions, health, diet preferences, sleeping habits, decision-making and our many moods and feelings.


The sound processes in innerdance bring to individuals an internal world view perspective on the planet’s mechanisms FOR storing and processing information - initially in the form of light and heat


Isomorphic Sign Systems

Around the world, different sounds in innerdance are sequenced producing similar experiences across the many continents.  

In one innerdance experience, the participant describes how the sound waves are suddenly “expressed through sacred geometry patterns,” before Deep Story suddenly explodes in planetary space time, what in us stays condensed in embodied cognition.  


An isomorphy connotes how varying systems bear similarity and identity in their shapes and structures. In the words we speak to each other, an inter-semiotic translation process happens within the sound and image grid that understructures the narratives unfolding in the minds of individuals and the collective in an isomorphy. Namely, our shared oneness is co-founded on the same causality, a dimensional matrix held by the axes of time and space. 

People travel back to the womb of the maternal and the planetary mother, where consciousness traverses colour and feeling landscapes. 

In the long awakening process, it is eventual the innerdance brings awareness to how meaning is shared across geo-historical lines. Here emerges a unitive view that brings together historiographies of language development from two simultaneous origins. 

The vocabulary that bolsters developmental psychology’s insights on the growth of the individual, alongside that of evolutionary psychology’s learnings on the beginnings of the human species, unravels how one person’s story unfolds in deep connection with that of the Life-World’s.


language structures

All language structures emerge from a collective space from which all intelligence draws from.


the spiritual experience

The spiritual experience extends to the indescribable domain where symbols and signs predating linguistic sound signs mediate the base levels of consciousness with its more highly-condensed dimensions.



Transformations take place in this
in-between mediatory place, from where our basic sign systems converge and then diverge.


pre-historical past

It is a subject that resists an actual empiricism, where any direct and factual evidences rest mainly in our pre-historical past, a time predating the earliest memories of our long-gone antiquities.