consciousness hub

At the heart of Puerto Princesa City in Palawan is an experiential gathering place where whole systems are coming alive. The Consciousness Hub is designed as a “world-of-worlds,” a 2,000sqm facility with 16 rooms from which essential life processes are being conducted.


Upcoming Event:

Sleep seminar

august 2019


what brings us together?

What brings together an international community of facilitators, healers, artists, designers, architects, therapists, researcher and sound engineers currently at work here?  With capacities for simultaneously holding large conferences, experiential seminars, therapy sessions, research programs and multiple workshop modes, the hub is the place to help manifest the possibilities of a better world, if the work begins with the question, “Who Are We,” and “What is our deeper purpose for being on this planet together?”


To walk into this space is a process unto itself.

A multi-dimensional House for Dreamers comes alive as our seven-tiered programs meditate deeply upon our most innate and vital capacities.

Bringing together more than a decade of experience in holding transformation work in different parts of the world, the Consciousness Hub community imagines with you what would happen if a school, a healing center, a co-working hub, a yoga retreat, a research center, an energy spa, a studio were all rolled into one transformative wholeness center.


Every month, the Hub holds dialogues related to three main topics: sleep disorder, addiction, depression. At the center of the Hub’s many functions is research.  Almost everyday, a community of self-learners gather in the Council Room to share their individual study programs on the brain, sound theory, the autonomic nervous system, language, REM states, sign systems, media studies, kinaesthesia and synaesthesia, to mention just a few research and work topics that come together at the hub. 



The Main Mandala Hall

This hall can hold up to 500 people gathered in a dialogue spread across six sections while the middle intersection holds the integrative seventh violet circular stage where facilitators, speakers and participants are seen and heard from all around.


The Key of 7

The “seven rooms” hold various deep facilitations that bring deep experiences into the dimensions of embodiment, creativity, energy, emotions, language, thought and spirit. Through the use of sound therapy, massage/bodywork, meta-dialogue, crystals, guided meditation, inner yoga processes, energy work, sensory deprivation and many other techniques, the Hub is like an Energy Spa for the tired, the searcher, the pilgrim and the learner.


The Conscious Cafe

This is a place for thinking meeting, working, and more obviously, where nutritious provisions keep the body strong and the mind focused.


The Soul Map

Consists of a multi-modal library available for program participants and work space residents. Books, printed essays, audio, video and VR resources are mapped out according to the Seven Dimensions of the Mandala.


The Work Rooms

These quiet work desk environments host functional space for artists, digital nomads, earth advocates, social entrepreneurs, travel writers and the like.

The Council Room

A meeting space for businesses, NGOs and small groups that require enclosed creative environments for brainstorming, mediations and focused discussions.


The Living Room

A small events gathering space for 10 - 30 people adjacent to the Cafe.

The Sound Laboratory

An all-around music studio and therapy room engineered by Pablo Aldunate, a well-known sound healer from South America.

The Film Laboratory

This space hosts two small production and editing studios currently at work on various documentaries and online learning videos.