learnings and unlearnings

Transformation Medicine is yet a young and ambitious approach to healing, health, wellness and overall well-being. In many ways, we might still consider it a diamond in the rough. Learning and growing requires consistent dedication to being informed and knowledgable of the material, research and science that supports our work. Education is an art - the proof is in the science.

The education portal of TM will forever be a creative evolution. There is no limit to the growth potential in unlearning, discovering, remembering and empowering oneself through cognitive resonance and the choice to be informed. When we choose to stop learning, listen to our own confirmation biases, or project assumptions and judgments on what we think is real, information avoidance and cognitive dissonance often leads to disempowerment and further disengagement from healthful and mindful living.

Education through Wholeness Systems Healing is like a rhizome or neural-network. Its intricate web of connections is pattern-based. Like a colorful mind map, this non-linear approach to learning is designed to let YOU be the guide. The layers and dimensions of integration can be both profound and subtle. Let this be an intuitively self-guided experiential learning process. Find Your Medicine.


A Journey into Transformation Medicine

Through a condensation and networking of collective inquiries and interpretations of essence, construct, vibration and form, that reference and analyze dynamic properties of energy, dialogue, orality, and language Transformation Medicine grounds in a vocabulary and trace that transcends modern categorical disciplines and the standards that maintain old paradigmatic and hierarchical intersubjectivities. 

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lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle choices are a major contributing factor to our overall health, wellness, and ability to thrive.  Aspects of daily living such as nutrition, exercise, motivation, and self-love each have significant impacts on our ability to heal and grow beyond the physical body’s modes of survival.  Over the years, a growing number of scientific studies have demonstrated that lifestyle IS a medicine and cannot be ignored in patient treatment programs.


the emergence of Consciousness

This section focuses on the basic foundations of our thoughts, feelings, memories, and cognitive processing. Consciousness itself is hard to define.  Therefore, this section is not an elucidation on the definitions of consciousness.  Rather, it derives its content for learning from zones of proximal development (ZPD) in relation to the theories and properties of consciousness in philosophy and psychology that scaffold our awareness and integrate our inquiries with insight.


cognitive science


emotional intelligence