Transformation medicine Emergence Convergence 2017

Last May 2017, Wellnessland Health Institute, SHEM (Self-Health Empowerment Movement) and GENOA (The Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia) brought together friends and colleagues from around Asia in open space conversations on the many profound insights and innovations uncovered within the Transformation Medicine's multi-dimensional perspectives.

Over the course of 3 days, at Wellnessland and the Wellnessland Wholeness Center, participants and facilitators alike dove head first into an experiential learning process that saw the emergence of large group dialogues, small group workshops and activities, inquiry and insight through a rainbow of colors (the Mandala and Key of 7) and a converging of doctors, patients, nutritionists, organic farmers, healers, midwives, educators, and more.

Through this gathering of like-hearts and passionate souls, a dreaming process found root in the center of Cebu City itself. The timing of this gathering couldn’t have been better - it seemed to perfectly align with an underlying seed of change inceptively weaving its way through the consciousness of a city and its people. In the years since, Cebu City has seen an expansion of healing and holistic centers, a growing number of plant-based and vegetarian restaurants, more collaboration between doctors, nutritionists and those who both grow and promote affordable, organic food options, an increase in healthful retreats and wellness programs, and a blossoming community of spiritual beings ready to make choices that support their livelihoods in the most conscious ways.

Participants of the 2017 TM Emergence Convergence also received a TM Journal to support their journey through the 3-day process and provide them with some questions that might continue to expand their perceptive fields of awareness around medicine, healing, health and wholeness. To view or download a copy of this journal for your own insights, please CLICK HERE.