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Einstein said courage is important for a paradigm shift to happen. Courage for me is the key to the new medicine. Aside from keeping an open mind, it was courage that helped me to drop what knowledge wasn’t working anymore. And with this, it required a lasting and resolute determination to keep dropping what knowledge failed to serve my patients anymore. My new goal wasn’t so much to let people just feel physically satisfied. The ultimate aim that has formed is to bring power back to my patients to self-heal.
— Dr. Romy Paredes

a brief history

In 2013, Dr. Romy Paredes and Pi Villaraza got together to co-author the simple book, Transformation Medicine. It was a humble beginning that initiated a shared inquiry with the world - one that has continued to broaden and deepen as resonance strengthens and alliances build. From the basic seeds that were planted in relation to both Dr. Paredes’ work with patients and the medical industry, and Pi’s work in healing communities and practice within the innerdance, a conscious dialogue has sparked numerous other conversations and parallels of exploration while the echoes of feedback from patients, clients, participants, and practitioners alike continue to nurture and fuel our growing collective dream and the communities that support this path.

In the first few months of 2015, the book Transformation Medicine was already entering a second round of publication in Malaysia where a small community of healers and wellness enthusiasts were interested to dive deeper into this shared inquiry. By the end of 2019, the book will also be translated into Vietnamese for a publication sponsored by a yoga-based community in Vietnam.


The earliest days of Transformation Medicine, as a practice, found root in Cebu City, Philippines at the Wellnessland Health Institute during the year 2013. At the time, patients could choose to see a doctor or a healer for their initial consultation. From there, patients were invited to engage with less traditional protocols that were being developed to assist and support a journey into TM and Wholeness Systems Healing. Other contributors to the original model for this transformation process included a handful of passionate healers, artists, and project coordinators living in Palawan at the Maia Earth Village. Assessments conducted in Cebu were sent across to those in Maia who were helping to design customized healing programs for each patient. The collaborative effort between doctors, healers, and facilitators brought mandalic elements from the Key of 7 into focus and light. Simultaneously, a collective concentration on the relationship between fixated nodes and entangled points of narrative within a rhizomatic network of the whole created a mapping expressway that could spontaneously reveal healing potential in the most natural and untempered ways.

TM was slowly growing into more than just an idea or vision. Through a deep sensitivity to humanness and a strong intuition that we can all be our own best doctors, TM continued to find a home in the hearts and beings of all who sensed an inner pathway that could lead to authentic healing and change.


the doctor is in - us all

In the book Transformation Medicine, Dr. Romy Paredes shares that, in the early days of his career, as he went deeper into his studies and onto a subsequent medical practice, he began to ask the following questions:

What happens to those doctors who decide to specialize in the whole human being? What is that specialization called?


the doctor in the medical practitioner

When the words “general practitioner” came into consideration, Doc P. realized he was beyond containment within this category. “I felt that even general practitioners were still part of the age-old culture of prescribing litanies of drugs on a pad and I was sensing there might be holistic solutions over just handing chemical advice to the unwitting arms of a patient seated across my desk. I couldn’t help but sense that there were alternatives to these scribbled chemistry cures that could better help people take greater charge over their health issues.

In the aftermath of these first insights, something beyond a progressive or alternative framework for health and healing emerged. TM was birthed in the inquiry of Being Your Own Best Doctor and the knowledge that The Healing/Healer is In Us All. Since its inception, TM has consistently offered gentle service in a most simple way - an invitation to ask yourself the following questions:

Do you think you are ready to be your own doctor? Are you ready to take charge of your health? Are you ready to be at the driving seat of your physical wellbeing? Are you ready to study your inner medicine, a degree in healing that specializes in your own unique healing process? Are you truly ready to take part in a transformation revolution that is beginning to happen around the world?


the doctor in the practicing healer

In the words of Pi Villaraza, mirroring the above questions, the following is shared as an introduction to the wisdom of healing that flows through him in his way of being with the world: “This is what is coming to us, this powerful insight that we can all heal when we access our own love, our own power, our own light. We need not buy, memorize, or struggle. When we surrender to our deep inter-connectedness, a more essential energy unravels from within us all.”


Pi’s journey into healing first came from his quest for lightness hailing from numerous opposing dark places in his childhood, teenage and young adult years. Triggers associated with bottled up parental fears and emotions, that often establish fear-based home environments, compelled him into an intense questioning early in life. By his mid-twenties, Pi decided to leave his comfort-based life to pursue a less traveled path, including a year of walking penniless followed by a two year hermitage that led towards greater self-healing and a deeper connection to the field of remembrance that heals all from within.


the doctor in the self-healer

Serena Olsen came into a journey with TM by 2015 - she was introduced to the innerdance process in 2012 and had collaborated with Pi for some months before deciding to commit more focus to TM from her own highly intuitive space of wisdom understood as Wholeness Systems Healing. Her process (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing) began as early as five years old and continues to unfold in many dimensions of healing, practice, self-care and facilitation from a broad horizon of foundational roots innately grounding her to this work.


For Serena, “healing isn’t something that happens by wanting it - it chooses you as soon as you choose to trust that you already have it. The catastrophizing agent in our brains tends to think so fast that we language ourselves into pain, injury, and illness well before healing has a chance to take root. Speak with your cells, listen to your blood, learn from the whispers of insight pulsing from between your own heart beats, and find your unique connection to the regenerative source that empowers our beings and frees us to be within the withall of healing.

Serena has used self-healing (no pharmaceutical or over-the-counter medicines, no doctor or hospital visits, and no medical tests) in many situations including safely relocating her own patella, getting bit by a highly venomous snake, and having scabies, dengue and other strange “illnesses”. She was also struck by lightning in 2011 and, most recently, was forced to find an intuitively harmonic balance between western medicine and natural self-healing when a wave of both cerebral malaria and typhoid fever hit her body at the same time.