Our research and dialogue programs diverge throughout multiple interests relevant to innerdance process. In partnership with institutions and practitioners around the world, we are able to share a greater amount of work we are able to organise this year. What took a decade to realise, is now made cohesive in the hub.



Language development in both the evolutionary phases of the small child and the growth process of the early human holds keys in what we reconstruct in the energy realm. We regress to the beginning stages of any one infant as well as the first humans, even as we simultaneously retain our present mentalities. 



At the forefront of the innerdance experience is the playlist. Innerdance’s current workings with sound move into uncharted waters of music theory in relation to brainwave states and the sounds that evoke highly intuitive somatic and cerebral responses.

“Sound as a way of bringing awareness into a very specific chemistry of brain wave oscillations that is able to open the spiritual doorway of the mind that leads to the realms beyond our mental limits.”

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Since 2013, innerdance has offered extensive immersion processes for those interested or ready to connect with the deep underlying frameworks of the innerdance.

Since 2018, it has evolved to include intensive self-inquiry into the living library of cognitive studies and literature available on many dimensions of the Key of 7 and how innerdance is more than just a training for facilitators.

Through the innerdance energy school and stoudious mundos project, innerdance explores through dialogue, experience, and integration the wholeness systems and indigo learnings that weave together a waking dream.

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What moves us also moves a planet. What moves a planet can move us - specifically if we learn to listen to and align ourselves with its innate and ancient wisdom and flow. When we learn to listen, what moves in harmony on this planet echoes throughout the cosmos. We sound out what is here: what is alive and awake and transcending old codes - into the expanded spaces of infinite life beyond just here. It becomes intelligent of itself - through us, through this consciousness. In its becoming, it lives as a hyper-primed intelligence, a life changing synaptic pulse in the neural network of a Universe’s brain.
— Serena Olsen


what is the innerdance?

The innerdance is a deep inquiry into the origins of thought; we regard the innerdance state as an experiential mirroring of the mind prior to thought and speech. We are taken back to the origins of language itself, the space from where the foundations of our verbal expressions are built from.

In the deep experience, “where do we go when we go to the strange spiritual realm where time becomes a discontinued moment, a place teeming with colours, archetypal symbols and overwhelming emotion?

In Structuralist thought, the mind and the body are constructions built from the same scaffolding. We are older than age itself - the innerdance is a journey into our pre-constructed past, revealing what understructures our present thoughts and words, unraveling the blueprint of our collective consciousness. What many people consider to be spiritual forces that arise as geometries, frequencies and intensities, are also the nuts and bolts of our indigenous intelligence.

Today, innerdance brings up we are returning to our extensive beginnings. We experience a Deep Time from whence all humans are made manifest.

A brief history

It all started when…


A young Filipino man, from an affluent Manila family, made a radical life CHOICE. What experientially unfolded for him, in succeeding months and years, could be described as immense spiritual breakthroughs, a dissolved sense of egoic conditioning, heightened states of acute vibrational awareness, and a deeply resonant state of being with an energy that pervades consciousness in deconstructed realms of insight.

“I had no money, and I did not inform any of my family or friends, waking up one moment where I simply walked away from all known comforts, in a state of absolute trust.”

(Read more about the story of Pi Villaraza here.)


Trust is instrumental to the innerdance process. Anyone who journeys onto this path finds that TRUST and CHOICE are compliments of the same energetic field. Before any change or transformation might occur in one’s body, mind, or being, one must choose to trust the unknowns of a different path. Slowly, a more conscious way of living, a life unbound from cultural imprints, generational conditioning, and the traumas and fears that hold us captive in discomfort and physical dis-ease can organically emerge. When one chooses to trust this path of transformation, healing does happen. This is the global gift AND the medicine that is innerdance.

Over the last 12 years, innerdance has found relationality with many unique beings, from all corners of this earth, who also underwent drastic, profound, or unfathomable life alterations that completely transformed their lives. The process in turn, as supported and ushered by those in simultaneity with the same energetic force, intuitively speaking from the deep and far-reaching roots of a rhizomatic planet’s Mother consciousness, has now spread to more than 70 countries, across 6 continents, giving birth to a global community of tens of thousands of kindred souls.

To some, innerdance is not new; it often mirrors a number of tribal, spiritual, and ancient forms of body wisdom from heightened states of electricity, internal response and connection with Divine source. However relatable or similar it might seem to well-known healing modalities, spiritual and traditional practices, or relationality with processes for expanding consciousness, innerdance holds a unique key within cognitive and dialogic fields of focus that framework its foundational learnings in both progressive and comprehensive archives of science, language, ecology, philosophy, culture, history, education, medicine, and wholeness systems.

Considering that TM was first conceived during a lengthy, multiple-day conversation, between Pi and a Filipino doctor, on his own radical journey of self-transformation and systemic change, there is little if no separation between the inner movement and the process that births this movement from the Within to the Withall.


expanding perceptions

Recorded in 2011:

Self-masters, healers and teachers come in many shapes and sizes. As soon as I met Mary in a talk for High School kids, there was a mature but vibrant clarity about her. During the Inner Dance facilitator's training in Hawaii, she exhibited an advanced perception of the energy, likely deepened by previous trips she made to learn energy work in Bali. She is a registered nurse, a trained Life Coach among many other things. She plans to visit the Philippines early next year. These documentations are very real spontaneous expressions of our internal energies as our minds and bodies once more align with the vast and divine flowing energy that exists within us all.

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