the key of 7



Red represents sustainability, the affirmation “I have”, and a sense of grounding into the body. Embodying the roots of transformation relates to an intuitive remembrance of the answers to questions like, Who am I, What am I, Why am I Here, and What is My Purpose? Answers of this kind always come from within. The more we connect to this resonance with our body, spirit, and soul, the deeper we might shift into a sense of Wholeness that leads to Transformation and Healing. When reactive responses that activate the sympathetic nervous system are recognized before fear, anxiety or stress is triggered, cellular memory patterns change and chronic conditioning shifts into awareness.



Orange represents creativity, the affirmation “I emerge”, and a sense of being present within life on earth. Embracing these sensual and emotional tethers relates to an authentic creativity that likens to What do I Love, What are my Talents and Gifts, How am I Inspiring, and What Drives Me? The womb is a deep, liquidy place filled with warmth and safety. To remember a state of bEARTH, a resonance with the Mother, and a deep connection with what Wholeness feels like, transforms relationships and leads to Healing. When the parasympathetic nervous system takes us into surrender and letting go, trust is enhanced, co- dependencies shift and remembrance of unity and oneness rebirths an awareness from even before we were born.



Yellow represents action, the affirmation “I enable”, and a sense of balancing the body in multiple dimensions. Expressing the heart of direction and purpose for transformation drives motivation insightfully towards resonance with essential values of What Sustains Me, How do I Invigorate my Body, What is Wellness, and How do I Nurture Wholeness? Knowledge, intuitive awareness, body wisdom, and a willingness to “Do It until I Am It” merges what is known with how we act and what changes we see, experience and feel. When nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and balance activate shifts in both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system responses and regulates the overall health of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being, empowerment evolves.



Green represents community, the affirmation “I love”, and a space of heart-felt trust. Serving the greater purpose of life beyond self, in connection, collaboration and communion with the Whole, is transformation at planetary levels. The Heart of Human Healing comes from asking questions like What is a Global Village, How do we Heal a Community, What is a Best Practice Model, and What does Wholeness Look like, Feel like? When we move beyond individuality, competition, and argumentation, unification brings us deeper into collective attributes of the Whole, enabling us to give from the loving, service oriented space of the heart where we begin to see our Selves in every-One.



Blue represents dialogue, the affirmation “I speak”, and a mode of listening to one’s truth. Sharing from spaces of meta-narrative weaves healing into a multiplicity of story dynamics that ask Who’s Story is this, How are We Connected, What is my Labrastory, and How does Story help Self-Diagnose? Answers emerge from what is made visible – what is shared and spoken. As we unravel emotional maps, cultural conditioning, cognitive buffering structures and avoidance models, a transformative voice reveals itself through that which is heard as we listen to shared spaces of communion and continuity. These Stories of the Shift hold the wisdom of our present moment and how we continue to collectively evolve together.



Indigo represents learning, the affirmation “I know”, and experiences of intuitive wisdom. Seeing oneself develops a sense of clarity in ones innate knowingness to questions such as, Is it Okay Not to Know, How do I Know what I Know, What is Wisdom and What is Knowledge, and Who is it that is Seeing? Metacognitive processes evoke insights to emerge from what knowledge and intuition embody within the Whole. The deeper this connection within mind, brain, and consciousness awareness, the more we learn about our truth, essence, identity and purpose within a meta-field of remembrance and transformation. As stories shift, vibrational resonance with awe in multidimensional expressions of love, synchronicity, and collective dreamscapes awakens.



Violet represents integration, the affirmation “I Evolve”, and a sense of connecting to Spirit. The essence of transformation is an intuitive remembrance of the infinite that answers, What is my Birth Vision, Who is God Within, What is my Highest Potential, and How do I embody Sacred Transformation? God, Holy Spirit, Source energy, the wisdom of the Universe, or Infinity all might describe the bridge between form and flow, remembrance and re-membering. When we come into spaces of integration our stories become One. The unification of many different parts reminds us that the Whole is greater than the sum of the parts, that creative response and collective continuity expand singularities into an entire horizon of possibility and potentiality.