Maia earth village


Transformation medicine retreat

A collaborative retreat program with Wellnessland Health Institute to bring the Cebu community into a Palawan experience


wholeness systems healing

A mandala-based approach to experiencing healing through a customized retreat immersed deep in nature, simplicity and trust


the living library

A customized program intuitively designed around Maia’s Living Library Project to bring self-inquiry and insight into actualization


innerdance immersions

An intensive program with innerdance as the main focus and fulcrum around which TM is both experienced and integrated

Maia is less the geocentric project situated in the hills of central Palawan, and more a journey into Whole Systems Community.  Maia is not about people so much as it is an understanding about ourselves as mirrors and manifestations of the nodal network of collective consciousness represented by the rainbow’s seven dimensions - an internal blueprint underlying fundamental anchors that shape human societies.

In addition to the standard retreat options listed, if you are interested to customize a visit specifically to include a Transformation Medicine program using Wholeness Systems Healing to guide and support your transformation journey, please use the Contact Form below to connect with us prior to your retreat. Our specialists are here to assist your movements and progress into deep sustainability and cellular-level change.


immerse yourself in nature

Maia Earth Village is an intentional ecovillage community where individuals come to consciously share in a vision of Sacred Simplicity and Trust.  Its international residents include teachers, healers, artists, musicians, gardeners, and leaders of global networks who embody life wisdom and skills in alignment with personal, social, and planetary transformation. The energy that thrives in Maia awakens intuitively through connection to and resonance with the innerdance and mandala-based frameworks that structure its spaces and guide its networks into systems of Wholeness Learning and integration. Herein, reality is observed through the Key of 7: Who We Are - Consciousness, Insight, Communion, Love, Evolution, Birthing and Sustainability.

contact form

If you have any questions about the different retreats and programs made available through TM, please feel free to get in touch. Additionally, if you would like more information about creating your own TM retreat or program, our specialists are available to help get you started. We also have practitioners ready to assist or guide you throughout a customized experience, wherever in the world you might be. Please provide us with as much information as possible so we can work with you on the various options that may be available to support you on this journey.

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