the sleep seminar


A 3-Day Retreat Conference on the Science and Spirit of Slumber

Rediscover your energy source, regain your focus, and fall in love with your job again


Do you work in a BPO, a hospital, a media company, an ad agency or some other job that requires you are often lethargically awake at night when you know you should be cuddling your soft pillow whilst warmly tucked into a safe and silent slumber?

While disrupting the sleep cycle inevitably leads to the build-up of unnoticeable states of physical and emotional stress, creating healthy dialogues around the 24-hour circadian rhythms helps us sustainably manage the daily distress that comes with an urban work lifestyle.

Companies and their employees need to work hand in hand in inquiring, "what is slumber, how do we establish authentic relationship with it, and how does sleep connect to the many aspects of our waking consciousness?"

the sleep seminar retreat conference


This August 2019, the Consciousness Hub, in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, hosts The Sleep Seminar, a retreat conference for managers and employees who wish to enable their community’s collaborative capacities for ensuring optimal health and performance levels for the whole team.  

This unique experiential conference involves talks, open-space dialogues, and experiential workshops facilitated by practitioners from Asia, Europe, and Oceania in the medical, yoga, sound therapy, meditation, bodywork, psychology, and live-foods nutrition fields.

Within the spacious Consciousness Hub, participants will experience the Mandala Studio, a multi-dimensional training hub consisting of seven laboratory rooms that provide workbook-based healing modalities relevant for individuals and groups wishing to bring sleep therapy practices to their homes, companies and communities. 




This seminar supports those who work in companies with night shifts and long stressful work hours such as call centres, hospitals, ad agencies, hotels and the media industry. Those who generally suffer from sleep disorders or are just curious about the nature of sleep will also find this event helpful.



Dialogues, talks and workshops will be held on the following inquiries:

  • What comprises quality sleep? 

  • What are the Sleep Stages and why does sleep disruption affect work and performance?

  • What roles do sound and temperature serve in structuring our sleep states?

  • What is REM and what is its role in fulfilling our physical and emotional balance?

  • How do our dreams bridge the known (conscious) and the unknown (subconscious), and why do dreams matter for personal vitality? 

  • What is our body’s Circadian Clockwork and how does it influence our sense of time?

  • How do night shifts affect the mind and the body?

  • How can we combat the effects of night shifts for our team to boost employee peak performance?




Beyond The Sleep Seminar, Consciousness Hub is open the whole year for working hand-in-hand with human resource teams from Philippine companies that aspire to build in-house healing systems specific to their requirements.

A 5-day training process is designed to bring regenerative healing work mapped out by concrete science-based approaches that work on problems particular to community work environments.


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