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deep story

Welcome to the Studio, Deep Story is a 2-month study-create process on the journey to the womb of the earth. Held virtually through the Consciousness Hub, this online learning process is for anyone everywhere interested in the story of the story itself.

Throughout this on stream intensive, innerdance facilitators and trainers undergo study-create programs designed to assist in the understanding of emergent spiritual concepts in developmental and evolutionary psychology through the lens of the innerdance process.

inquiry entry points


How are the movements in the experience connected to the very gestures and reflexes made by the fetus while in the womb?


How does the innerdance music bring participants into stages of early memory, where transformations arise from the essential developments of personality during infancy to childhood stages?


How does language disintegrate and reintegrate in the process of spiritual Aphasia preceding the reacquisition of word and thought patterns in the stages that follow the innerdance?


about the course

The coursework runs on the energy of crowdfunding. All donations for the course are devoted entirely for the Hub’s monthly requirements, a space that hosts global collaborators based in Palawan. Suggested donations per week are between $50USD to $100USD per participant.

Participation requires one is familiar with innerdance and has had basic experiences in the process.


deep story chapters

The eight intensive topics in Deep Story give facilitators and trainers a chance to look at some of the more relevant scientific and spiritual elements that bring understanding to the innerdance’s frameworks on developmental and evolutionary ways of thinking.

*Circadian Rhythm:
Brain, Breath and Blood

*Aphasia and the Regression Hypothesis

*A Theory of Evolution in the Synchronic Spiritual

*The Constructions
of Causation

*Orality and Literacy,
Medium and Message

*The History of Consciousness in Writing

*The Theory of Sound
in the Unfoldment of Mind

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Deep story workbooks

Every week, a Deep Story workbook on PDF will be released that convenes on a focused topic.


zoom calls

Zoom calls will be held two times a week to allow for questions and insights to be held in real time.


videos & recordings

Lecture screen casting videos will be released supporting the weekly frameworks.

Learners use voice recording apps to send their inputs and address questions related to the topic.

for more information on how to participate in this Deep Story training process, please contact us at