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Welcome to the Ancient Future: a meta-narrativization of time and space through an interdimensional approach to understanding the structures of reality, the world, and a human sense of being. 

Through retro-causal and reflexive ways of perceiving, the compositional make-up and substrata of cognitive and cellular memory is microscopically dissected in a universally lateral historicity of body, mind, and a vast middle-ground of spirit, soul, and consciousness.  Here, the “Tribal Alien” or Authentic Intelligence is born. Through a condensation and networking of collective inquiries and interpretations of essence, construct, vibration and form, that reference and analyze dynamic properties of energy, dialogue, orality, and language (within a process of translation that allows for tertiary developments and emergent potential to adaptively be a part of the whole), Transformation Medicine grounds in a vocabulary and trace that transcends modern categorical disciplines and the standards that maintain old paradigmatic and hierarchical intersubjectivities. 


As a meta-language of relationality emerges from the early and adolescent growth stages within the insightful and experiential parts of this inquiry process, life itself comes under the scrutiny of a research oriented mind’s eye, ready to disentangle its body from an enfolded state of being as the observant researcher also becomes the living, changing organism within an evolutionary experimentation unto its own conscious unfoldment and healing.

Through this convergence of ideas, concepts, theories and scientific reasoning, conditions in which healing can happen are supported by a wealth of knowledge expressing a simple truth: “You are your own best doctor”.  In this day and age, when image is synonymous with truth, we often need to “see it to believe it”.  If we follow this trace to its roots, we find there is little difference between the curse and the cure, the poison and the medicine, the killer and the healer, the ease and the dis-ease.  Through subtle changes in perception, awareness and languaging, we begin a journey through time and space where past and future unite in the Dynamic Now.

A Network of neuroplasticity

According to Wikipedia, a very simple definition for neuroplasticity is, “the ability of the brain to change continuously throughout an individual's life”.  Neuroplasticity has become a major category in fields such as philosophy, the arts, psychology, and is especially well documented in studies from neurobiology and cell biology. 


Today, philosophers such as Catherine Malabou are at the forefront of marrying concepts and information from fields such as political philosophy and neuroscience.  Malabou “analyze(s) how the concept helps us to move away from previous conceptions of the relationship between subjectivity and materiality and open new ones, which include a new vision of the mind, the body, and of meaning altogether.”  Intro to FORART Lecture 2014.

Using neuroplasticity as a foundation for recovery, healing, reconstitution, return, and regeneration, the central meanings of plasticity (forming, explosion, healing) are intimately linked to the inquiry processes within Transformation Medicine.  Through studies and research that demonstrate significant correlation between synaptic response and the brain’s capacity to regenerate at cellular levels, we are learning to incorporate a language that energetically translates into coherent states of being a synergistic relationship with how  “neurons that fire together, wire together”.  Learning to navigate the internal map of synaptic priming and response helps us reach root causes and primal imprints that hold feedback loops in place.  The unlocking of which leads to deconstruction and rewiring potential.


cellular memory

From the earliest moments of conception, as far back as the cellular division of the first eight cells of the zygote, even before becoming a fetus, an intricate display of geometry was innately woven into the complex codes of DNA strands primed to eventually become a human, chicken, or pine cone. 


A process of conception, at the most energetically feminine roots of creation, mimics an authentic universal design of macrocosmic proportions at the most delicate levels of microscopic entropy and subatomic form.  A mandalic pattern emerges.   

The Key of 7 or Seed of Life grounds in the foundational structures of life.  This code translates through a multiplicity of languages, each a dimension of connectivity intrinsically relating electricity to its magnetic polarity.  The dynamics of tension in every cell vibrate into meaning, life itself.  When tensions come from long before a body is ultimately constructed as human, what memories and vibrations are also in translation?  

As a framework for inquiry and creative re-design, neuroplasticity and cellular re-membering, at vibratory levels of resonance and response, are integral to the further unraveling of biological, neurological, psychological, and hereditary codes imprinted on the molecular composition of the body’s unique life rhythms.  A deep exploration of such, or inquiry within, begins to forge new pathways into the unknown - a place where understanding the mind-body relationship is a life journey into the components and constructs of physical and mental states, emotional conditioning, psychological wellbeing, and spiritual growth.  This internal blueprint expands and contracts as vibrations in the electromagnetic field find cellular interpretations through which to experience and remember itself.


the making of medicine

In our modern understanding of the medical world, medicine comes as a form of treatment or prescription.  It is usually something administered - meaning, it comes from an external source. 


When considering when or why we use medicine, health, healing, wellbeing, and comfort come to mind.  At the root of modern medical practices and protocols, one basic fear acts as the glue for an entire matrix of industry, commodification, consumerism, and the hierarchical structures that bind patients to doctors and doctors to pharmaceutical giants - the Fear of Death.