becoming that which is already healed so that healing itself becomes regenerative

The best medicine is actually transformation, because when you transform, you have listened to the intuitive intelligence of your body.


Can you remember a time when you went to see a doctor, walked into the office or check-up room, and found yourself being greeted with “Hi there, I’m Dr. P, tell me John, what’s right with you today?”

The obvious conclusion was that no one we knew could answer this question with ‘yes’ - and neither could we. This got us thinking and we immediately decided to shift our protocols. After making just small alterations to our initial perceptual inquiry approach, something changed in the consultation room, and it was much more than simply asking a different first question. Shifting the question changed the way we perceived that which was happening in the bodies we witnessed as humans telling us who they were and what they needed. Further adapting a mandala-mapping approach from the outset also brought greater symmetry to the doctor-patient exchange. We started to hear inner medicine speaking its own transformation before any ailments even entered a problem-solving field.

perceptual healing

There are two major perceptions about the human body that drive our medical practices, protocols and treatments, and methodologies for healing and recovery. One is separation, the other, unification.


Separative structures perceive the body through linear and deterministic perspectives, relations that are rigid and material, and machine-like systems that reduce the body to that of a mere object. Separative relationships with the body feed illusions of the modern healthcare paradigm that often project and promote solutions preemptively or falsely claiming that almost any person with a physical ailment can enter the healthcare system, be diagnosed through the assessment of physical symptoms, treated with a simple operation, radiation, chemical or drug, and soon be problem free. The patient can then leave and happily continue on with life.

Within this system, one of the first separations comes from the initial questions in the inquiry process. When a patient is asked by a healthcare provider, “How can I help you?”, “What can I do for you?”, “What seems to be the problem?”, or “What is wrong”, a separative state between patient and body receives instant affirmation: the body has a problem and the patient is unable to diagnose, treat, heal or cure this condition without the service, advice, or answers provided by a doctor, physician or other external source. That, by communicating an internal need for help, service, or solution, the patient can receive external support that leads to change - externally convey needs to fix what is internally perceived as wrong.

What if acute and chronic conditions, ailments, illnesses, wounds, dis-eases, discomforts and disorders were never seen as something that is wrong?


The shift into unification happens when we perceive the body as an energetic system - an incredible, dynamic life force that has the innate ability to miraculously self-heal. When the body is mapped out as a unified system, perceived in multiple dimensions and non-linear perspectives, a physical ailment is witnessed and observed more fully in its wholeness. Upon diagnosis, the patient is not made to fear the sickness. Rather, patients are invited to go inwards, journeying into an authentically intelligent process of transformation. If nothing is wrong, the healing has already begun.


The small and great steps we consciously take to initiate remembrance of the innately unified wholeness of body, mind, and being continues to bridge what has become separate, fragmented, and broken. In our efforts to bring intentional languaging to the consultation room and our patients, we find ourselves in a vast space of in betweens. Now, we are no longer just physicians, healthcare providers, counselors, and therapists - we have become genuine listeners, ears within the heart, students of experiential learning, and attentive ushers accompanying patients on a journey into trust, surrender, and a multi-dimensional intelligence intuitively generated from within.

This is our collective vision: to see what is beneath the surface of the physical body, behind the eyes, underneath the breath and between the heart beats. To become what is unfolded in an organic unraveling of conditions, concepts, belief structures, paradigms, and separative systems that latently inhibit potential and possibility.

To hold this vision is more than just a mission - it is also a dream. In this resonant center of being, there is nothing to fight, challenge or prove as it is always also a becoming. The dream within this vision is the innocence to keep dreaming and appreciate, with a child-like heart, all that regeneratively heals that which was never truly broken.

The long road towards transformation


Resonance, transformation and healing sometimes happens so fast we could almost call it ‘over night’. Miraculous stories shared by so many beings across this planet remind us that there are no set rules to how healing happens. In many cases though, healing is a process that requires patience, dedicated space, and a conscious shift in perspectives on time. In this day and age, there is good reason to confidently make room for both the separative and unitive systems and a marrying of the two. In recognition and respect of the role that science plays in modern medicine and healthcare, there is no denying or refuting that huge advances in assessments, procedures and machines continue to save lives every day. Especially in acute cases of injury, accident, or sudden internal disruption of regular body rhythms, few alternatives can provide better support than that of modern medicine. However, it is often the case that conditions of chronic illness, recurrent pain, and genetic disease are best observed through unitive perspectives that allow for wholeness systems to be a part of the healing process.

Experiencing transformation as medicine and medicine as transformation happens in both the simplicity of a moment and expansiveness of galactic time. It holds no singularity as an answer and no one protocol or prescription for each and every person. This process is also an exploration of ideas, science, concepts, energy dynamics, colors, frequencies and vibrations, and the collective states of being that allow us to learn. We begin this journey by asking questions and we continue onwards by asking more. What questions help you to hold this vision with us?